Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm so annoyed...

I really hate people who are so open about their problems. I mean I'm pretty open on here but even then it's reserved. I'm talking about posting in their statuses their relationship problems. Or saying that they've had a bad day. They're just looking for attention.
I try to ignore them, and you should too. Here's why:
1. They might realize that method of attention getting won't work.
2. They will look for other more desperate ways of attention getting like ripping their clothes off, diving in the fountain at the mall and screaming "GAAAAHHH I'm the KRAKEN from the sea!" Which would be much funnier.
3. Maybe the aren't clever enough to come up with different ways and they will starve and die.
4. They recognized the error of their ways and stop attention getting.
5. They will continue to do it and you can laugh secretly at them and the people who are stupid enough to respond.
Isn't that a great list of reasons? Personally I'm for number 2, I just want to see that in real life. Make my entire day.