Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok so this post is more than just LONG overdue....I mean heck I turned 20 almost three weeks ago! And what a wonderful birthday it was!
I woke up to noises I won't try to describe coming from the girl whose bedroom is above mine...I'll let you do the thinking there. It usually bothers me, but it was my birthday!
I went to my first days of Tuesday/Thursday classes...which consisted of Young Adult Literature, Shakespeare, and World Writers (aka Derek Walcott).
Then I didn't have work so I got to come home and use my panini maker for the first time. I was very excited. Then Mark came over and gave me his birthday present. That's write it is now on record for the world to see....Mark made me a quilt (This is where you all say AW in unison).

I've been told he had a little help from his sisters picking out the fabric, but besides that this was all him. I love it.
Then what English major's life would be complete without the Complete Short Stories of Earnest Hemingway? Definitely not mine!
My parents also got me the Sara Barielles' cd Kaleidoscope Heart, which is fantastic. I got some cute new black heels an iTunes gift card, and last of all my favorite game....Bananagrams! Yes, the game does come in a banana shaped pouch. That's the best part.

My wonderful parents came up to visit me, which was so much fun! We all went out to eat at Firehouse Pizza...after my parents got a little lost trying to find it.
All in all it's pretty good to be 20. So lately I've just been trying to survive all my homework and work and tomorrow I have my first USASA snowboard competition! A post about that to follow!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yeah Yeah Yeah....

Yes I know I haven't blogged much for the better part of a month now. But can you blame me? I actually wanted a vacation...and then school started back up and I was dealing with some issues that seemed a little more important at the time than blogging....
Just so you know I have new roommates. Yup, Taylor, Mykelle, and Alicia all left me. Which kind of sucked...but that's alright because I've got the big room in the back now where it is much more quiet.
So we get some introductions: Kate who took over Taylor's room is incredibly like Taylor...which is a good thing because I really liked Taylor. She's really nice and we get along really well. She's a clean freak (her words...not mine) and I love that. Our house always smells nice and is clean...she even scrubbed the walls the other night. I was in awe.
Demi on the other hand is pretty quiet. She's super friendly, but mostly keeps to herself. Her boyfriend Riley is over a lot, or she is at his house. So we don't see her too often. She's a freshman and just graduated from high school last spring.
That's it. There's just three of us, which I'm totally fine with. Although someone was in our house today and we have no idea who, they moved some mattresses out of the spare room as well as a door. So we're not sure if someone is moving in or not. Cue Twilight Zone music....dododododododo......

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ayn Rand

“In a play I wrote in my early thirties, Ideal, the heroine, a screen star, speaks for me when she says: ‘I want to see, real, living, and in the hours of my own days, that glory I create as an illusion. I want it real. I want to know that there is someone, somewhere, who wants it, too. Or else what is the use of seeing it, and working, and burning oneself for an impossible vision? A spirit, too, needs fuel. It can run dry.’