Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Christmas at our house looks like this. I wish I would have decorated slightly more, but with finals and everything else going on this year I'm just happy we have a tree up. 
On Sunday night Mark and I packed up the car with hot cocoa in tow and drove around looking at Christmas lights with Bing Crosby playing. It was great, even with all the deer hanging around. It was nice to take some time and just enjoy the season, it has been harder this year to get into the spirit with finals week ending so close to Christmas. It's also been a little weird not being home at this time of year, and I'll admit I miss having a full size tree. My small tree is really all we have room for here, and it looks a little funny since none of the presents are actually "under" the tree...they are more in front of it. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Music Lovin.

Dear Laura Marling,
I really like you, and "Goodbye England". Pretty sure your music is the one reason I finished my Political Statistics paper with some threads of sanity left. If you weren't on Spotify I would have to buy all three of your albums. That's all.