Friday, September 28, 2012

Wonton Tacos.

I know what you're all thinking. Mikayla is posting a recipe? Does she even cook?
Well...I'll have you know that I actually do cook on occasion...otherwise the husband would starve. Sometimes I wonder if I am starving him because even after I make a great meal he is usually in the kitchen making a PB&J two hours later. I'm told it's a guy thing.
Anyways, a few weeks ago I made these wonton tacos and they were a huge hit, the problem? The recipe I followed makes like four tacos and these things are tiny. Both Mark and I were making PB&J that night. Even though they were small they were deliciously awesome and I've been itching to give them another shot, only make enough that regular person can get full off of them. Plus to doubly make sure there was enough I even made potstickers. We're fancy over here guys.
This time around I tweaked the recipe a little bit. Really, I promise this is delicious so just stick with me here (I even have pictures as to entice you to stick with me. Sorry they're not all fancy, I don't have a super cool camera, but someday...).

Anyways, recipe time. OK, so the tacos are filled with chicken and a coleslaw mixture. So I have a recipe for the chicken, and then the rest of the directions for the tacos.
You'll need:
1 Cup of chicken
Wonton wrappers
A bag of coleslaw mix
Sesame ginger dressing (I made my own using Google, but you can buy it too)

Chicken(The part I created):
1 cup of diced chicken (Cut it as small as you can manage, these tacos are tiny)
2-3 green onions
2 cloves of garlic
1 TBSP Soy Sauce
1 tsp hot sauce (I use Sriracha, green lid, red sauce, rooster on know what I'm talking about right?)
1 TBSP BBQ Sauce (Use your favorite, we like Sweet Baby Ray's over here)
1 TBSP ginger
Small bunch of cilantro
Put this all in a saute pan and cook together until the chicken is cooked through. Preheat your oven to 400 and take your wonton wrappers and a nonstick pan, drape your wrappers over the edges of your nonstick pan so that they create little taco shells. Pop these in the oven for about 3-4 minutes, until the wrappers have some bubbles but are still pliable. Mix your coleslaw with the sesame ginger dressing, use just enough so that everything is coated well. Fill your wrappers with chicken and the coleslaw mixture and put them into a baking dish, or the same pan you used to create the taco shape. Put them back in the oven for 5 minutes or until the edges are golden brown. This yields about 16-24 tacos depending on how generous or stingy you are with the filling. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today I love.

This outfit. So what, my sweater is not quite as mustard-y colored as I would have liked. But I still think it will look adorable with my navy polka-dot dress.
Waking up to husband cuddling me. This is much better than an alarm. He even turns my alarm off, mostly because the sound of it makes me want to curse.
Grocery shopping. We have fresh fruits and veggies in the house and this doesn't last long. Yum.
This bracelet.  I'm in love with it. I'm just not feeling like dropping the cash for it and the shipping since it has to come from Spain. But really guys, this bracelet just screams Mikayla.
Scarves. It hasn't quite gotten cold enough to break out my scarves yet, and most of mine are chunky knit ones that shouldn't see the light of day until it is actually cold, otherwise I'll die of heat. I have a cute idea for a homemade infinity scarf...but I need a sewing machine. I might break down and just sew it by hand since I feel guilty stealing my mother's away all the time.
This iPhone case.  And this one too. I'm telling you guys, Etsy will be the death of me.
Painting my nails. When I do paint them I feel fancy....what feels not so fancy is the fact that I cannot maintain painted nails for more than about two hours. Seriously, that's how long before I inevitably chip them. This is a problem.
However, since Mark and I read through this week's lesson and realized the bulk of it is on intimacy in marriage we have steered clear of the manual and even talking about teaching Sunday. I feel for our class, this Sunday will be an awkward one.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I am ready for colder weather.
Hot cocoa.
Crunchy leaves.
Football games.
Electric blankets.
Soup on a cold day.
Oh and the new Mumford and Sons album. It drops tomorrow. Guess what I will be buying before school tomorrow?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good, Bad, Awkward.

The Good:
- The compliments received on this jacket today.
- That I was actually productive during my break between classes.
- Husband made my lunch, quite delicious too. Can't beat good ol' peanut butter and honey. Best husband ever.
- The awesomeness of meeting Husband on campus before class and just sitting and talking.
The Bad:
- How much I have to do for my Political Statistics. Procrastinator over here.
- My nose being completely plugged while walking up four flights of stairs. Don't mind me just huffing and puffing over here....
- My professor was especially unintelligible today. Good thing he used a powerpoint.
The Awkward:
- Going to pull out my lunch and having a shoe fall out of my back pack. Hey, my shoes give me blisters and I made sure to go to school prepared...just in case you know...not weird right?
- How old this jacket is. Circa January 2009. I kid you not.
- The girl with a Katy Perry wig on campus. I didn't get a picture so you'll just have to trust me on this one.
- Walking home through the cemetery while people are visiting gravestones.
- The sprinklers in the cemetery. Why is it I can never arrive at the area they're going off while they are actually spraying the grass not the path? And why are they on 24/7? I swear, the same ones are on EVERYDAY.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I used to have the most awesome calling ever. I was a visiting teaching supervisor. It was great. I sent out an email twice a month and occasionally delivered new assignments. It was a very easy calling.
Mark got called as the move coordinator in the Elder's Quorum. So I thought with all the new people moving in and people moving out that we were pretty safe.
I should not think things like that because then we get saddled with something very different.
We are the new Marriage and Family Relations teachers. When they asked us to fill this calling I almost asked them if they had actually seen Mark and I together.
Let's be honest here, Mark and I are probably the most sarcastic people ever. We still love each other, but we just tease each other incessantly. Which is actually part of the reason why I love Mark, but moving on.
I didn't ask the bishopric anything. I just sat there in shock and let Mark do the talking.
After reflecting on the new calling I suppose we could have ended up with something harder like Gospel Doctrine or teaching the Family History class.
At least in our class you can play pictionary and actually tie it into the lesson. We totally did this yesterday and it was hysterically funny.
Yesterday was our second lesson, and let me tell you guys the first week was a little rough. So you can imagine my surprise when people who were there the first week actually came to our class again. Granted we did bring candy as kind of a psuedo-apology for being totally freaked out the first week. Plus we thought we might be able to bribe people into coming to our class. We're shameless over here.
If nothing else the class at least gets us to go to all three blocks, because we have 9 a.m. church and sometimes it is tempting to just go to Sacrament since it's the last block. We're not the only ones who do that right? Didn't think so.
P.S. Student teaching application is in and I've applied for graduation...what? This is strange, people.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I had an awesome Labor Day weekend. On Friday night Mark and I drove up to Garden City to meet my parents. We picked up my race packet for the Bear Lake Monster Run and Cafe Sabor. We hit up La Beau's because that's just what you do in Garden City.
Saturday morning I woke up to pouring rain. This was a problem since it was the day of the race. No big though, I've run in rain before. It's cold, but doable. Mark and I went down to the Worldmark and awaited my race.
Confession: I originally planned on doing the 10K, and then July hit and I still couldn't run 6.2 miles without wanting to kill myself. The 10K course is basically all uphill. I wussed out and ran the 5K instead.
The turnaround point for the 5K was not exactly clear, and I, like every other runner in the race ran about a 7K. Even the winner of the race only got a time of 37:05. I've run a 5K in 32 minutes and I am not a fast runner.
I ended up coming in 14th with a stellar time of 45:07. It's not amazing, but I feel pretty good about it. Plus I got a medal! And a cool T-shirt.
Later that day we took Mark and Coulson's friend Jake on a quick tour of Paris, Idaho and then went to Minnetonka Cave. It was like my 15th time going through the tour, but it is still SO cool.
We hit up La Beau's again. I deserved some onion rings (first time in about 4 months!) after my race. 
Sunday was boating, and the sun finally came out. It was really fun and we got some awesome air on the tube. That night we played golf, since you do that when you're in Bear Lake. Dad smoked us all, I blame Mark for giving him all the good cards. All in all a pretty successful weekend.

Oh and here is me after the race. My medal is pretty awesome.