Thursday, April 25, 2013

all deliberate speed.

Isn't funny how we both dread and look forward to things? And then without any warning they are already here and it's almost as if time has speed itself up. This is how today felt. I've looked forward to this day for four months knowing that once it was over my life would not only go back to not being crazy (since doing student teaching and working part time equals me having NO time to do anything). Yet, all this week I've been dreading today because it means I have to let go of my wonderful kids.
No more essays to grade, tests to worry about, planning lessons, or being concerned over the graduation of certain students. This whole experience has been a huge rollercoaster of emotions and I am tremendously grateful for the it.
I know that I was incredibly blessed with two truly wonderful cooperating teachers, Mark and Gordon. Who taught me more than I can really articulate. They have been so incredibly patient dealing with my rants about grammar and transfer of skills, government and the education program. They have also been key in many successes I had in the classroom. I know they are standing on the sidelines cheering me on and hoping as much as I am hoping that I snag one of the openings at Mountain Crest and we can continue to have music battles in the hallways and drive everyone crazy.
My kids. Oh man I love them, every single one of them. Some of them don't believe that, but I do. I made a discovery this semester. I have maternal instincts, which is strange for me. Today when I told my last hour of kids goodbye I totally cried because I want to see every single one of them grow up and do amazing things. But I have to let them go with the knowledge that Mrs. Poole cared about them and hopefully I made an impact of some sort.
I was made to be a teacher, guys. This I know for sure.