Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Longer Unique

When your photographer emails you to tell you that your photos are done but also tells you that you owe $128 and you email her back to find out what that is for....and you find out that she emailed the WRONG Mikayla. Your images actually aren't done, but on the bright side you don't actually owe $128.
My name has ceased to be unique.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Henry David Thoreau, You Suck

Remember this guy? Yeah well I have yet another class from Dr. Crumbley. Instead of fawning over a dead lesbian poet he fawns over Henry David Thoreau like you wouldn't believe.
In class I said that I thought Thoreau was a jerk and Dr. Crumbley took it as a personal offense. Thoreau was a jerk though, I'm not kidding. Dr. Crumbley on the other hand seems to think that Thoreau is the greatest. You know besides his affinity for dead lesbian writers (i.e. May Swenson, Willa Cather, Edith Wharton, and Gertrude Stein). If you don't believe me you can just google him then you can see all the books he's written about them.
I do not like this man. Unless you hadn't figured that out. But don't worry about his strange love of dead lesbian writers, I'm pretty sure his wife is in love with Shakespeare too. I guess they make a good pair.
But back to the point. Thoreau was a HUGE jerk. In fact, he even calls out people in his books saying, "You're too poor to actually own my book so you probably stole it." Not exactly in those words, but he pretty much said that on page 8 of Walden.
So glad we've moved on to Muir, he was a little prideful, but at least admitted it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Progress

I feel like I've been doing a lot of complaining lately about how overwhelmed I am or how freaked I'm getting. I wrote up a bunch of posts that I just couldn't bring myself to actually publish.
Not because they weren't real, or raw enough. But because in the sea of taffeta and wedding colors and photography and outfits and tables...I lost sight of why we go through all of this.
We had engagements on Sunday. I got my hair and my makeup done and I was just so stressed over them. I wanted them to be perfect and to look as good as all the pictures you see and I wanted to look good and all that jazz.
When we got in front of the camera it was so calm and relaxed. Just having someone tell us exactly what to do every step of the way was so refreshing. When you get engaged nobody hands you a manual that will teach you how to plan a wedding and everything you need. I'm sure "Planning a Wedding for Dummies" exists, but I'm still not sure it would really help.
No one can really tell you exactly what you want at your wedding, even though everyone sure tries. It gets to the point where you just have to make the decisions you want to make and consult with people later. That way you don't lose your mind entirely.
I definitely understand why people (outside of Utah) tend to use an entire year to plan their wedding. It makes sense to do it that way, but I think it would be so hard to wait that long to see everything materialize. The closer it gets I start getting giddy and the excitement is sinking in.
We're just figuring out the last of the details at this point. I feel like we have this light at the end of the tunnel waiting for us. Just two more months.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I thought I had it all figured out. I had a picture of what I thought everything was going to look like and I was alright with it. But then inevitably someone comes up with a better idea and I'm stuck there thinking to myself that this is all changing very quickly.
We tried to find an apartment. Correction. Amy tried to find an apartment for us. (Which was extremely helpful seeing as she's done this whole shebang before and knows just how stressful it is.) Well we're apparently too on top of things. Because none of the apartments are currently interested in people who want to move in December. Oh well.
Then there's trying to figure out the catering for the reception and the decorations so on and so forth. You're probably really sick of my ranting about wedding stuff by now but it has literally consumed my life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Please excuse me while my brain explodes.

Between planning a wedding....going to school....and working almost thirty hours a brain is ready to explode. I'm still not sure what everyone is going to be I should do my hair....what my bouquet will look like etc.
You see I've never really been one of those girls who fantasizes about this type of thing. When I got engaged I had been practical, I had researched so I wouldn't feel SO overwhelmed, but I didn't have this great plan in my head.
I kind of wish I had. Everyone keeps asking me what I want. I wish I knew....My response is usually....what do you think will look good.
I am a little lost in a sea of bridal magazines, photo links and questions.
(One small squeal dance around the room moment, however, I did find THE dress. Yep, it's hanging in my closet right now. And I may or may not try it on more than I ought.)