Sunday, February 21, 2010

My new goal!

Ok so I've been watching the Olympics basically non-stop since they've been on. And after Lindsey Jacobellis' super inspiring performance this year I kind of looked at it snowboarding and thought...I can do that.
I already snowboard really well so I figured if I trained a little bit I should be able to rock this right? Well...Yeah I think so.
My new goal participate in a snowboarding competition. I just need to work on my jumps a little bit and switch riding. It's more of a courage thing than anything else.
My buddy Craig has graciously accepted to be my unofficially trainer, mostly because he has no fear and goes off cliffs all the time.
So if you see me in the Olympics well don't be surprised....If I get that far.
This week was Tyson's 19th birthday which is plenty freaky seeing as T-Deck just went into the MTC this week too. And with Tyson's papers almost done I'm feeling a little anxious about it.
We had a birthday party for him last night. It was pretty much the lamest thing ever. Oh well. I got him a nice tie for his mission. I'm sure we'll have a bigger party for his farewell.
I'm enjoying being at home right now on my brand new leather sectional which is so comfy. I'm just sucking it all in since I won't be back for 3 weeks...ah Spring break, come faster. Please?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Love You PG

Well I was talking to my friend Jessi today and she directed me to a certain website...Welove first I laughed and then I realized something....This is really gay.
Basically, this is just a knock off of Gossip Girl. I discovered a new found appreciation for being OUT of high school so I don't have to deal with crap like that.
I'm trying to figure out a good way to shut it do my part for those who haven't finished high school yet. There has to be some way to shut it down right?
They attacked my friend Kaitlyn for sending them an email. Wow gotta love it. Let's grow up and not be petty. I'm emailing John L. Deans. If anyone knows how to handle will be Deansy. He is a former FBI agent after all.