Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'm a grown up.
I kind of thought it would never happen, but guys I HAVE A CAREER!
Cue screaming and squealing and a whole ton of thanking the Lord.
Prayer works. So does paying your tithing. Do this.
Anyways....the deets.
I'll be teaching English and Journalism at my beloved Mountain Crest High School. Since I'll be heading up the school newspaper I think we can safely just begin calling me Mrs. Shelton.
Except that all my kids just call me Pool-E. Emphasis on the E. It's my fault, since I told them my last name was like a swimming pool with an E. It just kind of stuck...well mostly I just answer to anything that sounds remotely like teacher. Including teacher lady.
I digress.
So my contract is for a year with the opportunity to renew in the spring as long as I don't royally screw this up. Do you feel better that the innovators of tomorrow are in my very capable hands? Good, me too.
This is kind of a rambling post. I'm just super excited to have a job and a pretty wonderful one at that. Bring on graduation!