Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was my first day of school. Weird to have it start on a Tuesday, no? Well due to my professor having a child via C-section my MWF class is online until Sept. 24th. Which is fine since I have another online class anyways. But I did promise pictures of the new hair, so happy first day of school. Sorry for the lame quality, the iPhone was handier than the camera this morning.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Chopped all my lovely locks off. My hair is shorter than it was in 10th grade when I cut it every three weeks to keep it at the same length. It still goes into a ponytail...albeit a very small one. I'm pretty excited. Pictures to come.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Signs of an Awesome Weekend

My scraped and blistered hands make it kind of difficult to do the simplest things...like brush my teeth. But they are a sign that I conquered something this weekend. That when Mark and I got home at 10 p.m. on Saturday night we went straight to bed out of sheer exhaustion I knew we had a great weekend. Between games of 500, rock climbing, shopping, playing at the park, and playing with Jake and Amy and Charlotte we were pretty much exhausted. Needless to say we only made it to part of church the next day....
Our church moved to 9 a.m. Sacrament is last and let's just be honest that just tempts you to skip your other meetings. I'll admit it we only went to Sacrament. But we really needed the sleep in after two days full of fun.
I conquered a rock wall. I was slow and the rock was really hot and some of the holds were crimpy or cracks (hence the scraped and blistered hands). There is a moment on the wall that I usually get stuck at. I'm just a few moves away from the very end, but those last few moves tend to be the ones where I have to trust myself the most. I can't rely on bomb-proof holds and I have to rely on my feet. I'm bad at this. I usually sit there long enough trying to decide what to do that I lose all my strength and have to come down off the wall. And then I kind of feel like a loser, since Jake, Amy and Mark are way better at climbing that I am. This time I decided I was going to finish even if it meant relying on my feet. There were a lot of moves that required me to trust my feet on that wall. I had to think about it for a bit, but I made those last few moves. I was exhilarated....and very hot.
It was worth it though, and now I'm just itching to go climbing again. Jake and Amy were awesome for taking us climbing. Plus I got some sister-in-law bonding time with Amy which resulted in new shoes for both of us, so it was definitely a success.
Then Mark and I decided to add an extra half hour onto the 45 min. commute from Jake and Amy's by forgetting a much needed battery charger. It all worked out though, we still got our grocery shopping done and we got Costa Vida.
I have the best family.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Speaking in Church

I know everyone dreads this because this is pretty much the first thing most people say when they get up to speak in church. Mark and I have been pretty awesome at avoiding speaking thus far. We've been asked once, were going to out of town and they left us alone. Well the first week of July we were asked to speak on that upcoming Sunday, we conveniently were going to be out of town again. Mark feeling guilty at telling the bishopric "No" twice asked if there was another week we could speak. I wanted to punch Mark, but it was probably the right thing to do and we were set to speak on the 29th and given the topic of "Pioneers".
Ugh the big range topics. Can anyone please tell me why they do this to you? You can only go about a million different directions with this. Could they not have assigned me something a little smaller? If they did I would probably be complaining about that.
Anyways, I somehow managed to tie in "Tuesdays with Morrie" into my talk. Which I think worked out great. Except the fact that Mark and I were the only two speakers and they started sacrament meeting early. Guess what time it was when I got up to talk? 3:05. As if my legs were not already acting like a sewing machine lets add in the fact that Mark and I have to take up 55 minutes. I'll admit we had the help of a very short rest hymn, but I had only prepared a 15 minute talk. When I'm nervous I tend to speak really really fast. So if I was lucky I was going to make it to 15 minutes.
I'm standing up there thinking, "STRETCH!!!!" I was pulling stuff out of nowhere. I was chatty and giving my talk and when it was over I looked at the clock hoping that I somehow made it to about ten minutes, because it felt a lot more like five. Let's be honest here, I don't even remember half of what I said. I've been told my multiple people that I did, in fact, speak for at least 15 minutes. Mark was watching the clock correctly while I stared at the hour hand willing it to move like the minute hand.
Even so when my talk was over and we sang the rest hymn it just past 3:25. Here's the funny thing, Mark had only prepared a talk slightly longer than mine. Guess how far he stretched it? 3:50. That's right my husband is awesome. His talk didn't even sound like he stretched it either. I was jealous, his was so much better than mine.
We expected the Bishop to at least try and fill the last ten minutes of the block and help us out a little bit. But he didn't and we sang the closing hymn and church ended early, you know just to draw further attention to the fact that Mark and I had not filled the meeting.
Seriously though, what kind of bishopric gives two speakers almost an entire hour to fill? Mark and I figured if we were prepared to cover a little more than a half hour we would be golden. Not so. We weren't even close.
At least that adventure is over. For a few years if we're lucky.


Just look up here....I have tabs. I am proud. Lots and lots of google searches and HTML writing went into those beauties there. Hooray for tabs! Still working on everything else. This whole process is a lot of trial and error. Someone needs to write better instructions for this HTML editing stuff.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The blog looks weird....I know. I'm in the middle of playing around with some things. Said things are frustrating. Meaning that I tend to take breaks from them. So if you see my blog and it looks strange to you give it a few days. I'm hoping it will look super cool...but I also have work and a myriad of other stuff I have to do. Cheers!