Monday, January 23, 2012

The Married Life

Finally I can blog about a success in the kitchen. I'm feeling pretty good about dinner last night and fancy. I made Cafe Rio pork enchiladas. Mark enjoys them and I enjoyed using my crock pot for the first time. Did I burn anything? No. Did it taste bland? Definitely not. Hooray!
In other news I officially hate Tuesdays. I start off my day at Logan High School at 7:30 in the morning, and end it on campus at 7 at night. Yeah that's right almost 12 hours in classes. Kill me. Thursdays are marginally better. I'm at least done by 3 and get to come home...which is nice. But let me tell ya about 5:00 or so and I'm sitting in class thinking only 2 more hours...yeah longest period of time throughout the entire day.
Although it is kind of entertaining being back in a high school setting. I know I've been out of high school too long though...I have forgotten how to fight through massive throngs of people in hallways. I'm short enough I still  get trampled. Some things never change.
Neither do funny quotes.
"I know that some of you may get urges to touch one another. Don't. If you touch each other you will get chlamydia and you will die." - Mr. Isom
As Evan is introducing himself (fellow student teacher): "I've been in school so long at USU I'm what you call a super senior."
Student: "Does that mean you held back in college?"
Evan: "No..."
Random boy: "Hey...are you new?"
Me: "No, I'm your student teacher."
*Awkward silence*
Student: Mrs. Poole?
Me: *Not paying any attention*
Student: Mrs. Poole?
Me: *Realizing they are talking to me* Oh wait?? What? pictures...yeah still waiting on them. Will post them when I get them. Keep your fingers crossed they're this week.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well...I've been MIA for a little while, but can you blame me? Between Christmas and getting married I have been VERY busy.
No complaints here though. We are finally moved into our apartment and mostly unpacked, it's been a lot of work.
I've been trying really hard to be a good wife...since that's my new title and it's super weird. Not gonna lie, I still don't really feel married, I'm sure that will come with time.
I reached a milestone in the marriage though, I cooked the first disaster meal. Mark keeps trying to tell me it wasn't that bad. I didn't even eat half of was that bad.
I think part of it may have been the recipe, but a HUGE part of it was forgetting some of the ingredients. Note to self...give Mark the cookbook when you ask him to make the sauce rather than trying to read it to him from across the room. Also pay attention when he asks you a question and don't just say yes because you weren't paying attention and you assumed you told him all of the ingredients.
Needless to say the microwave burritos in the freezer are slowly disappearing.
I truly am trying I'm just not that great of a cook I guess. I'll get there. In fact I am determined to get there...but in the meantime you can laugh at my epic fails.
Mark just laughs at me trying to cook and make things all nice, but that's my job now isn't it?
We got a Sam's Club membership (no Costco in Logan) and that was definitely a new experience. I'm still a little lost whenever we go in, but Mark just pushes the cart and follows me in my various wanderings all over the store.
I'll have to post some pictures soon, but our apartment is so small. So small in fact that we couldn't even fit our couches through the door way. They had to go find a new home at DI while we bought a futon (yay.....not) and we did everything short of hoisting the couches over the balcony to get them in the house. I really wanted those couches. They were my parents couches that sat in their front room until about a month ago when they bought new ones.
Come to think of it pretty much everything in our apartment was furnished by my parents. They gave me my bedroom set and their old table and chairs and they gave us those couches. Happy Wedding.
What we did not get, however, was a toaster and we had to go buy one. Of all the many things we received (and we got a few odd items) a toaster was not included. I feel much better now that I know only about 25% of our gift registry was actually my undue stressing about not being registered for enough stuff was really unfounded.
If you ever get married you'll know that on your wedding day your brain goes out the window. All you're thinking about is that you're finally married and getting from one place to the next on time.
I could have been late anywhere on my wedding day, but I was late to the temple. Very late.
I had gotten my hair professionally done and the girl who was doing my makeup was running a little late. I got a bit of panicked phone call from Mark at 10:00 a.m. (when I was supposed to be at the temple) asking me where I was. I was in Orem just leaving the salon.
I figured that if I was unlucky enough to get pulled over between the salon and my parents' house I might be lucky enough to get out of it by explaining I was late to the temple.
I didn't get pulled over and made it from 8th North to my parents' house in about five minutes....(I have never sped so much in my entire life!)
It turned out I was only about 15 minutes late to the temple and despite my worst fears they still let me get married....(obviously....)
The rest of the day went without a hitch...that anyone would know about. We didn't end up with the right cake. In fact, our cake was swapped on accident by the delivery girl. My cake went to some poor couple over in American Fork. They were both black and white so it was an easy mistake. I just felt bad for that couple because my cake was made to have flowers go on it and buds were in the icing showing where the flowers were supposed to be placed. Their cake didn't end up looking right at all since they had no flowers to decorate it with.
Thanks to my amazing florist, Maycie, our cake still looked awesome even though it was the wrong cake. But I'll be honest by the time it arrived and all the decorations were in place, I hardly cared what the cake looked like. And it still tasted know the whole bite of it I had.
We went all the way to Odgen Canyon on our honeymoon. Exotic right? Well it turned out to be just perfect. We were up out of the way and had an entire cabin to ourselves. The fridge inside of it made funny noises in the night, and the Inn seemed to think that having a book for everyone who stayed at the cabin to write about how much they enjoyed it was a good idea. Every time I looked at the book and read about how it was a "great vacation to reconnect" I just kept thinking about how well used that cabin had been by other guests if you catch my drift.
I just didn't think about that and enjoyed a relaxing few days with my cell phone turned off and no thought of work or how much fun moving from PG to Logan would be.
Since this post has reached rambling length I'll cut it short for now, but stay tuned. Tomorrow I'm planning on making tacos and who knows how that is going to turn out.