Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Adventures

So I found a wreath...and for once in my life I decided to actually make something that I pinned. Just a disclaimer...if I can make this can too. It is not really all that hard just time consuming.
Step 1: Purchase a wreath ring (what is the technical term for this? No idea.)
A yard of felt in the color of your choice.
Buttons of some sort
Felt squares to make the flowers (Hobby Lobby has these for like $.25 each since you don't want to buy like an entire yard for this.)
Step 2: Spend a million years cutting circles out of felt. (Don't worry, they needn't be perfect. Mine definitely were not perfect.)
Step 3: Fold the circles in half and then in half again...making a little pie piece looking shape. Put the pin the the very corner of the fold and put it in the wreath. I just covered the front and sides so that the wreath would lay flat. Repeat over and over and over until it is done.
Step 4: Make your flowers. I basically cut circles the same size as the ruffles in the wreath for the big flower and then I traced my glue bottle for the smaller flowers. Having good glue is important in assembling the flowers. If you don't...then they are very hard. I swear by Fabri-tac. It rocked.
Step 5: Attach flowers with pins. I thought this was easier than doing it with glue...and less permanent since I'm not that crafty and was worried about screwing it up.
Then you're done! Hooray!