Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When Weeks are Long

You know how when you're super excited for something to happen your week just gets SUPER long? Yeah dealing with that right now. On Monday Mark and I are off to an adventure in Jackson Hole. It will be a wonderful week off work and I won't mind getting away from the apartment that has no AC (Something we didn't realize when we moved in in January!).
Even my workouts at the gym seem long. Although that might have something to do with the fact that my calves have not yet recovered from moving Amy and Jake out of their apartment that was up three flights of stairs into a house. I still don't even want to look at stairs at this point. Mark keeps making fun of me because I'm walking like an old person. I'm crossing my fingers they get better soon because we have a fun day hike planned in the Tetons next week.
While we're in Jackson we're also going river rafting. Right now it's almost peak run off which means the water will be VERY cold. So hopefully my weather app on my iPhone is right about next Thursday being sunny and warm. Otherwise this will be kind of a cold adventure!
In other news work is back to almost normal. I'm back to being in my supervisor position after being tossed around departments for the last three months. This also means that bonuses are back (Hooray!). Mark is still doing his usual job approving credits which he loves because he has no schedule. I also love it because that means he can cook me lunch most days since I'm tied to my desk most of the day.
Here's to hoping this week starts moving faster so I can be on vacation sooner!