Monday, August 30, 2010

Allow me to introduce....

My new roommates! I've only really spent a day with them, but we all get a long really great and they're great girls. I'm feeling like I upgraded quite pretty well from last year.
First, Alicia. Alicia is blonde like me, but way more outgoing. Everywhere we go people know her and she knows exactly who they are too. I don't think I could keep track of that many people the way she does.
Next, Taylor. Taylor has a boyfriend named Zach that she's known for about six years but they just started dating. Totally twitterpated. It's cute.
Last but definitely not least, Mykelle our little freshman. She hates that she's the freshman in the group, but I had to say that to bug her. She's absolutely gorgeous and way nice. I'm sure these three girls will sucessfully fill this blog up with all of their funny stories.
We actually went together to Sig em up Sundays. Which is an ice cream social thing at the Sig House. It was really fun and I met a lot of nice people and got to tour the house. Good times.
I love Logan.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are you sure you want to do that?

So....Friday night, I went on a date with subway sandwich boy. Where to begin...well how about chronologically?
First, Rhett suggested we go see Charlie St. Cloud...which I said wouldn't be a good idea not because I don't like that movie, but because I always cry in it and I was sure he would take advantage of that.
He then suggested New Moon, which I agreed to mostly because the time worked out the best.
So his car had broken down, and I picked him up, and met his parents. Which was a little awkard, but I was ok with it.
When he said goodbye to his mom I felt way bad, because he said bye to her like he might never see her again. Sad moment.
Then we went to the movie. He really wanted to hold my hand...OBVIOUSLY. My hands were folded the ENTIRE time. Until he finally relaxed somewhat so that I could too. His hand this one time hit the armrest really hard and really loudly. I wasn't going to say anything, but I started laughing and he knew I had seen it.
The movie part was actually pretty nice. We laughed at the movie, and we had a good time.
Then we went and got ice cream at Macey's and talked for like and hour and a half. I feel like I got a much better feel for who Rhett is as a person. He's a really amazing person.
This next part I'm going to blame on my stick shift car. My hand has to be on the gear shift most of the time...because I have to shift. It was just sitting there...more poor little hand completely unprotected. Then he took it!
Me in all of my brilliance chose to say, "Are you sure you want to do that?" I don't really remember what he said, but I know that my mouth was just gushing words uncontrollably and intelligably. I did manage to get out, "I need to shift now." And I took my hand away.
He didn't try to take my hand again after that. I felt bad that I had kind of shut him down, but there were all of these emotions swirling around in my head. Did I want him to hold my hand? There were just a bunch of weird things going on. I didn't know how to handle the situation.
Then in his drive way he did this weird car hug thing. But I figured since we weren't at his door step I was safe from him trying anything else that I might not be alright with on a first date or with him. Confusion.
You know what this boy did? He kissed me on the cheek. You know what I said to that? "You're a little intense sometimes."
Huh? What the crap is wrong with me? I was really thinking I would be able to say something more coherent than that.
He then got out of the car..and I drove around for like twenty minutes trying to figure out what was going on. It was really confusing.
I'm still pretty confused about this whole thing. I feel like this whole thing has move a little too fast. So I'm slowing it down...oh and I'm up at school and I really feel like I need to be single right now.
Oh my days....what a life I lead.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puking Words

Sometimes I feel like my mouth moves way quicker than my brain does. Today I said something that was fairly inappropriate....
My old boss at Icon Security didn't have part of his arm, his name was Matt....and he had this friend that pretty much copied everything that he did. His name was Aarron.
Well one weekend Matt went off and eloped....
A few weekends later so did Aarron.
So today at work Braden made the comment that Aarron would pretty much copy anything Matt did.
I concurred with this statement by saying, "If Aarron could have cut off part of his arm, he probably would have."
Which was actually pretty funny...because it was fairly accurate.
It was a pretty awful thing of me to say though.
So Matt and Aarron....who don't even know of this blogs existence....I'm very sorry for my comment.
But it was still funny.

In other news, Rhett's mom is in the hospital, keep her in your prayers.
Because of that unfortunate fact Rhett was not at work today. Oh, and he added me on Facebook and I just figured out that Monday was his birthday. Either I'm unusually non-observant or he never breathed a word about it to me. I'm thinking the latter. I would totally hit him, but his mom is in the hospital and I have a feeling I shouldn't do that.
I'm a little confused on how I feel about this boy right now though....I went from thinking I just wanted a actually being interested in this boy. Not in a serious kind of way, but in a we'll see what happens kind of way. So...we'll see what happens.

Just another Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you asking me for my number?

Oh it was yet another exciting day at Pinacle Security. Today, Rhett (Subway sandwich boy) asked me for my number.
First he asked me when I was moving to Logan and then asked if he could still email me when I was in Logan. I said he could, but then we realized my hours weren't that great.
Then he threw in this little gem, "Is there any other way of contacting you?"
To which I replied, "Are you asking me for my number?"
I'm sure he could have said a whole myriad of things that could of qualified as smart alec-ness, but he just said, "Yes I am."
So I gave him my number and he began texting me. Good times.
Any chance a date is in order for this week?
Well...I did let him know I was fairly open as far as my schedule went. But his car just broke down. We'll see what happens. Makes me laugh really hard.

Monday, August 23, 2010

WHAT? They don't have JOY?

Saturday night I was somewhat bored, made worse by the fact that I had deep cleaned my room all day long. So me and my mom went to the mall to do some school shopping and of course we had to stop at Target on the way home.
After browsing through the organizational pieces that interested me, my mom says very loudly in front of a Target employee, "What else were we here for again?"
"I think we got everything, mom," I replied.
"No we came here for something else!"
We really didn't, but she decided to just stand in the aisle figuring it out. I on the otherhand stood there awkwardly while this african american boy, braids and all stood laughing at the two of us.
When I had finally pulled my mother away we went into the dish soap aisle to soap. My mom stopped and looked at me and very seriously said, "WHAT? They don't have JOY?"
That boy was pretty close so I just rolled my eyes, "Mom just buy some Palmolive or Dawn. There's not a whole lot of difference."
Then my mother considered to stand there trying to figure out which dish soap to buy for about five minutes. All the while the very same boy is stocking the shelves in the aisle we're in.
We FINALLY walk away, and my mom says, "That boy was checking you out."
"No, mom. He just thinks we're retarded and have to think about dish soap for ten minutes."
"Nope, I think he was checking you out."
That would have been somewhat alright...if the boy had been cute. But this boy wasn't cute. So I'm still kind of surprised she went to those lengths because she thought I was getting checked out.
Oh dear.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Reeses Moment

One of my favorite candies are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Yum. They have just the right amount of chocolate mixed with what is the BEST peanut butter ever. They're probably really bad for you, but I absolutely refuse to look at the calorie count. That would just ruin it for me.
Anyways, while at work I got this ridiculous craving for a Reeses. I was running a training group and we were resourcing (Basically we just sit in the room with the trainees and talk, but answer any questions they have too) so I decided to go to the vending machine and buy myself a Reeses. As I walked into the rec room headed toward the break room, there was this cute boy I had seen a few times having a meeting with his coach in the rec room.
This boy is very attractive. He rides a motorcycle, he has a pretty good sense of fashion (for a boy), and an adorable smile. I know if I was not marrying Shaun White, I would most likely marry this boy. I thought he was pre-mish, just because he is so cutely awkward, but after some shameless Facebook stalking this boy graduated in 2006! He's old! He is also an RM. What a plus!
Back to my story....I was walking into the break room and I looked at this boy, he looked back at me...and then I bought my Reeses.
That was our moment.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It is raining...candy?

Do you remember Subway sandwich boy? Well...we're friends now. I should probably start using his real name...which is Rhett. Anyways, he likes to throw candy over the cubicles at me right?
Well he tends to also come by everyday to tell me bye. Which is a little weird....but Braden finds it pretty funny.
So today Rhett comes and says bye, but stops for a moment to chat with me. (P.S. My desk isn't anywhere near the exit...actually it's in the opposite direction)
"Ok I'm out of here," says Rhett.
I look up to see his hand basically in my face, so I give him a high five, "See ya tomorrow."
Braden chimes in, "Bye!"
" I can't share my candy anymore," Rhett says.
I laugh, "I'm sure I'll survive without it. No worries." This kid is a serious enabler of my chocolate addiction.
Braden looks really upset, he is benefitting quite extensively from my candy throwing friend, "Why not?!"
"Rayna wants the candy just to be for our row," Rhett explains.
I shrug, "Sounds reasonable. I think we'll be just fine."
Braden doesn't look like he's going to be just fine, but Rhett looks to me and says, "Don't worry I'll still give you some." And then "shhhh" motion. I'm not sure if there's a verb for that. Anyways....this kid leaves and I'm like dying of laughter.
But then Braden and I started thinking about this....Why is this boy coming over there to tell me that? Braden thinks he just wanted to start a conversation of some sort. I think he's right, but I also think it was a test to make sure I wasn't using him for candy.
Once I said this, Braden agreed. But I apparently passed the test. Braden says I am using this poor boy for candy.
I am not. Candy is just a really good plus in our friendship. I wouldn't say no if this boy asked me on a date either...luckily I'm out of here in a week. So I can escape this whole...I don't want to seriously date you because I'm really just not that interested in dating right now plus I need to be single this year going up to college, which could be fairly awkward. And would inevitably come up if this boy did decide he wanted to date me.
If he even is thinking about that. Which Braden says he is. Which I kind of think so too...good thing I move out of here in a week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

And now for an update...

So remember that one story I told you about the boy and the Subway sandwich? Well he caved before I even bought him the sandwich. Plus he gave ME candy! Yup, I'm good.
So now you're probably dying to know what Alex said about me that was so secret. Well I am actually sworn to secrecy. Not really, but I'm pretty sure that because this is a public forum and could possibly get back to him...seeing as though I am a public follower of his mission blog. So if you really think it will be life altering to hear what the secret was...feel free to email me. I'll tell you.
Anyways, I've been ridiculously sore the past couple of days. Why? Well I wakeboarded on Saturday. I did alright...I mean not great but I at least got up. So I went again today with Sami Dodson's wonderful family. Guess what? I got up first try. Oh and I carved....can you carve in water? Well whatever I was doing it felt like snowboarding. And I went out of the wake. I'm really cool. Yes, I am.
It rains candy at work. The Subway sandwich kid, Rhett, throws candy over the cubicle wall at me. This would be super cool except I probably shouldn't eat that much candy. So I secretly share it with my friends on my row.
Today the phones were down for about 2 hours, and I was talking to Rhett. It was kind of fun because he gave me a Reeses candy and we decided we were friends, but I told him about my book. I didn't get to go into detail on it, but seemed to think it was pretty cool.
I'm not sure why I've always thought it was some deep dark secret that I was writing. I guess I just didn't want to be like the people who flaunted I'm writing a book...look at me. It's not very good...yet and I see that. But it's not something I plan on keeping secret anymore. I am writing a book and I love writing. It's part of who I am. I might as well share it, right? Well in a humble way.
Today was a good day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dinner with Old People

I love my grandparents, I really do. My grandma could do with some loosening up though.
Tonight we were discussing where we should go for the big trip next year. Someone suggested Las Vegas.
"Now what would we do in Vegas?" My grandpa asked.
"Well...there are plenty of strippers grandpa," I replied.
Hmmm....was this really appropriate for my 82 year old grandfather? Probably not. He laughed. The look on my grandma's face. Hilarious.
I laughed for a minute and then went back to eating my salad.
Just another night with the fam-dam-ly. Or the other way around....

I hate.....jean shopping.

I love shopping. Don't get me wrong. I love trying on clothes and feeling cute. I do....really.
But jean shopping sucks. Maybe if you're tall and a perfect size 2 it's not that bad of an experience. Jeans will fit you anywhere. Lucky you.
I am 5'2". Jeans don't fit right. It is abnormally frustrating trying to find a cute pair of jeans that fits up top and isn't ridiculously long.
My mom's solution: "Why don't you just grow a few inches?"
Gee thanks...if only I had thought of that! Let me just turn on the little switch in my brain that makes me 5'6" and head to bed. Tomorrow I'll be normal sized.
That would be nice, but now. I'm stuck in American Eagle asking for a 4 Short.
"Oh we don't have those in that wash. You'll have to like order them online. Are the regular ones really like long on you?" asks the bubble gum chewing sales associate.
"No I like my jeans to fit like floods. You see I live in Logan and I really hate that ring I get on my jeans when there's salt on the ground."
Apparently sarcasm is a little over this poor girl's head. I'm sure her career at American Eagle will be quite rewarding.
Anyways...I ended up in Gap trying on jeans. Which felt and looked great. Problem? They're $60 bucks. Those jeans are cute. But I'll save twenty bucks and shop somewhere else.
Jean shopping ruins my life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everyone Has Their Price

Oh the beauty of bribery. Everyone has their price, the offer that is just too good to refuse.
For a boy at work it was a Subway sandwich...although if he assumes that because I'm buying him a sandwich it's a date, I might have to rethink this.
So what were the fateful events that lead up to the Subway bribery? Well let me just tell you.
Me and my dear friend Shannon were on break eating our lunch on a busy training day. Shannon brought yogurt and didn't have a spoon. So she used her yogurt lid. The creativity of this girl astounds me.
Shannon is in process of turning in her mission papers and was telling me of where she would like to go if called stateside, "I think it would be way cool to serve at a church site, like Nauvoo or Independence, Missouri."
I responded, "Oh I have a friend serving in Independence, but he's in Kansas most of the time and doesn't spend a whole lot of time in Independence."
This random kid just walked up and sat down at our table. Shannon apparently knew him because she said, "Hi, Rhett."
This was interesting to me. I had recently received an email from this boy. He had told me that I had spoken with a customer and that they wanted to talk to me. I had responded with a not so nice email telling him he should have taken care of the issue. (Which he should have, he was newer and didn't know.)
"Oh, you're Rhett. I think I sent you a mean email," I said.
He looked a little surprised and said, "Wait, you're Mikayla?"
"Yeah...sorry....I wasn't trying to be rude. I just had gotten like three emails just like yours and I was a little bugged," I apologized.
"Did you say you had a friend that served in Independence?" He asked.
"Yeah I did. His name was Alex Nicholes. Did you know him?"
"Yes! He was my district leader in the MTC!"
I stopped and did some quick math....Alex had been out less than a year. Meaning this boy must not have been out very long. He immediately realized what I was thinking and added, "I came home for medical reasons about three months in."
"Oh that sucks, I'm sorry. Yeah, Alex and I were best friends."
His eyes immediately got wide and he was staring at me with new found recognition, "You're Mikayla!!!"
"Yeah...pretty sure we established that a few minutes ago," I said.
"No, Alex talked about you all the time, he was so excited to get your letters!"
"Wait, what?"
And then with the realization that he had said too much, he immediately stopped talking. When pestered further he revealed that he was sworn to secrecy. To which I responded by saying, "Name your price."

Now, does it really matter what Alex said? Not really. Could I ask Alex about it? Sure. But is this way more fun? Pretty much. Besides maybe this boy's information is worth a five dollar footlong.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I don't have any.
No, really I don't. See everytime I sit down in a great writing mood to finish what is sure to be the next great American novel somehow...I can't do it.
I putz around with a few sentences until they sound just right...but I can't get anything of real substance to come out.
Why is it whenever I actually have time to write, I have no motivation to do it? But when finals week rolls around and I'm super stressed I suddenly have so much to say? This is not ok.
Micheangelo did not finish the Sistine Chapel while trying to write a five page paper on the grammar of Lega.
Oh, and I know Emerson was not trying to come up with a good thesis for his sociology essay when he was writing.
Or maybe....these guys were geniuses and made it just fine flunking out of college. I can't do I'll just have to deal with having no motivation right now. But you can bet that as soon as I have a big paper due...I'll have plenty of motivation.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

High Heels, Sidewalks...If you love me, SpoonMe!

I had quite the eventful Saturday night thanks to my best friends Kait and Hayley. Unfortunately, Hays had to bail early due to some packing/hanging out with dad time. We love her anyways.
First we hit up a wedding reception, which was more of a high school reunion/ward gathering for me. But that's cool because the food was good and they had Diet Coke. That's all you need at a wedding reception.
But this wedding got me thinking and here are a few of the criteria that I expect at my own wedding:
1. My honeymoon will be somewhere with snow. I have to snowboard. (I'm marrying Shaun White. This one is obvious.)
2. The food will be awesome.
3. There will be dancing to Frank Sinatra, and possibly some Metallica. Can you dance to Metallica? Hmmm....Head banging will just have to be expected.
4. I want to ride away from the reception on a motorcycle, with a side-car. Only Mr. Right/Shaun White will ride in the side-car. I will drive.
Yeah that's a pretty good list for now.
After the reception (which I took a huge tangent from with my list...oh well) Kait and I decided to go to Spark in Provo. And the doors were locked. That was weird because I called...and they said they were open. Kait is weak. So we sat in my car for like 20 minutes because a cop, who was pulling someone over was blocking us getting out. Kait took pictures from inside my car. I felt like a spy.
Then we got lost trying to find SpoonMe. Well not too lost. Because we found it! It was quite yummy and we got to enjoy talking...a lot. We talk a lot. It was good. But we're going to have to go to Spark sometime really soon.
All in all a pretty dang good Saturday night!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What? Overtime? 8 hours? Ok....

In the spirit of keeping busy, I was asked to help with the mentor program at Pinnacle this week. I accepted, and then was asked to work a few hours in the morning before mentoring started.
Overtime pay is time and a half. So, naturally, I accepted. Money is money.
I had Friday off, but Kathleen wanted me to mentor on Friday too...I'd already picked up about 5 hours of overtime so working Friday would mean getting Saturday off.
Not so much. They really wanted me to work Saturday they approved 3 more hours of overtime. Bringing me to 8 hours.
Well I'm kind of stupid. This is a lot of work. 9 1/2 hours a day is kind of crazy.
Oh and I'm going crazy too, just in case you wondering.
I check the mailbox even when I KNOW there's not going to be anything there. This is really pathetic.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bernieres Got it Right.

Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two. - Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Sky Explodes

I have a lot of awesome to share this week. Because I got 3 letters, bought a bunch of cute clothes, and really feel like I need to share an awesome song with you folks.
It's called Avada Kedavra by The Age of Rockets. Yes they must be huge Harry Potter fans.

Well you're not brave if you still keep the letters,
And you're not sane if you don't wanna get better
And you're not drunk if you can't stay in your lane, no.

Well you're not awake, but you haven't been sleeping
And you hate God but you don't believe in him.
And you're not scared but you still have your eyes closed.

The sky explodes and only you know.
The sky explodes and only you know.

Well it's not fixed if you love it broken,
and your cell phone is at the bottom of the ocean.
And you're not drunk if you can't stay in your lane, no.

Well you're not brave if you're naked and the lane shifts,
you're not lost but you're missing your exit.
And you're not scared but you still have your eyes closed.

I want you to worry when I don't call you back.

They sky explodes and only you know.

Listen to the song here.