Monday, April 21, 2008

CRT Testing...

This test was one of those duh tests. Like DUH you omit the sentence that isn't consistent with the paragraph because it randomly talks about poodles in a paragraph about german sheperds. Come on. Welcome english 11. This is why I take english honors, I'm trying to get a challenge or something. What a joke. The only challenge I'm likely to see is when I finally get to AP English next year.
I finished all three sections, roughly 25 questions each, in one freakin day. Meaning that I can screw around on the internet all I want for the next 2 days. It ought to be a good time.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prom, need I say more?

Prom is 13 days away. I have my dress, my shoes, someone to do my hair, and I'll take care of the whole guy's flower thing next week. But I can't help but feel utterly unprepared. It's probably because my dress still needs to be hemmed and I can't walk in my stillettos to save my life.
I vacuumed in my stillettos today. I was trying really hard not to fall off of them. I'm glad to report I didn't but my feet are screaming at me. Oh well. The things us girls do for guys.
My dress is fuschia. I think that's how it's spelled. My brother calls it hot pink...but it's not. I love the dress, but I'm not sold on the color. There's this look the people at the dress place get when you try on the perfect dress, usually you know that it's perfect too. This was the 8th dress I tried on, I'm thinking they were all acting because I walked in front of the huge mirror and they all like simultaneously had the face on and told me it was the one.
With some bribing on my mother's part...half the cost of the dress, roughly 150 dollars. I bought it. And now I have a pink dress. Which I have to admit I'm excited to wear the dress, but I am so scared of the color. Can I even pull off that color? I feel utterly naked in that dress, which is completely modest. Too late now, they only have a 3 day return policy. Here goes nothing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Senior Year....not looking too shabby...

Ok so I'm not screwed over on 3 credits...just 1 which happens to be 2 classes I'm taking online right now. So I pretty much figure I'm good to go. WAHOO! My schedule is pretty alright too. I have 3 AP classes, but a bunch of fun ones too. Which like NEVER happens for me.
My Schedule:
A1 Newspaper both semesters
A2 Art 1010 and then Popular Lit.
A3 AP English both semesters
A4 Photo 1 and then Aerobics
B1 AB Calculas AP
B2 Art 1010 and then Foods 2
B3 Seminary
B4 AP Government
Um only 3 hard classes. And AP Gov. won't be that bad because it's with Merrill and she's the coolest! And I have Shelton like a ton...too much Shelton hahaha jk. She's awesome too! I really don't want to do Aerobics though. It just seems lame. Why is pe credit required anyways. I took biology for heavens sake I shouldn't need to hear anything else about my body or anyone elses for that matter. But for the most part I'm excited. This is looking good!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Senior Year.....YIKES!

Holy crap. We're setting up our senior year. I have so many classes I have to do too. And I can't believe we're almost at the end of the whole public schooling experience. Time flies ridiculously fast.
I feel a little insignificant to tell you the truth. And I'm pretty much screwed over for graduating on like 3 credits. Yeah that's going to be interesting.
This year class sign ups are online, making all the tryouts and everything all Which is such a pain. So student council just happened early this year too. Pretty much our president is an idiot and I only like a fourth of the people on there. It was rigged. So I've decided to screw all the assemblies and stuff. I don't care at this point.
A bunch of my friends tried out for chamber choir. A few that didn't make it cried and stuff. One girl who lost student council elections and isn't on it didn't make chamber too. It's really really sad. I think that in all seriousness she will have a mental breakdown.
Heather is strong. Her seminary teacher thinks she's suicidal. Which is pretty much a joke. He even made her the "ROLL TAKER" like officially just to make her feel special. I just laugh. What a mess.
I can already feel that next going to be a mess...but hey Veronica Mars(that's just to make heather feel like she is needed) goes to our school. How bad could it be?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why do bad things happen to good people?

So this week my friend told me her parents are seperating. What are you supposed to say to that? She has got to be one of the best people ever, so I was suprised. Why do things like divorce happen? I thought temple marriage was supposed to be permanent.
It got me thinking. Especially because just a week before my newspaper advisor shared some information with me about my super close guy friend's parents' divorce. It was a part of it I had never heard, and it hit me how hard the whole thing must have been. And he is seriously one of the most amazing people I know. Why did this happen to them? I'm nowhere near where they are spiritually, and they seem to be so much more good than me. Shouldn't this have happened to me not them.
I talked to my really close guy friend about it. And he said trials people have make or break them. All amazing people you will ever meet had a trial that made them so.
So all amazing people aren't just amazing...and even if they are their trials make them so much more amazing.
In seminary I read the story of Job. Job was targeted because of his faith and Satan thought he could break him. But Job never wavered. Job was an example to all...and even through all of his trials, he lost everything, he stayed firmly planted in his good ways.
Bad things happen to good people because Heavenly Father loves them. He just wants them to be so much the better for everything. He never tests us beyond what we can withstand.
It's like climbing a rock wall (I'm also a rock climber). You choose a level you know you can do. But it always seems half way up the wall you start to think it's too hard. Sometimes we don't trust the rope. But if we will only try and know that we will be caught we can make it to the top. And when you get to the top you feel amazing. Because you knew you endured through it. Christ is our rope, even when we fall short he catches us and helps us reach ever higher.
If we are constantly doing the easy walls, we will never get better at climbing. We must attempt the ones that test us. Heavenly Father understands this. Bad things happen to good people to make them better people.


I just created this blog so this is my welcome to myself. I'm pretty excited to begin this whole journey. I'm totally inspired by Constantly Christina(google it and it will pull up) she's my friend and hers is I hope that by some miracle I can make mine somewhat to the level that hers is.
A little about me, I am a music junkie. My friends call me the living jukebox because I pretty much know every song most of the time. Which is cool most of the time. I'm also a writer, hence the blog. I'll be editor in chief next year of my school newspaper and it ought be pretty dang exciting.
I live in a small town. Like a big small town in a bubble in Utah I'll call it Mormonville here. So welcome to my life. Blogging world here I come...