Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


So I've kind of been freaking out all night long. I had choir practice...which was fine. Then ward prayer....also fine. But then choir pianist asks me and Christy if we want to do a solo for the Christmas program....we both laugh and tell her that's a really funny joke. She wasn't kidding.
We're both pretty nervous about we ask...if we can just do a duet and presto! Christy and I are doing a duet. Yay.
WTF? How the heck did this happen? I'm in ward choir. I fly under the radar, and magnify the only calling I have in this ward...and what happens..I'm in a freaking duet. I think the last time I did something even remotely like this was back in like my sophomore year of high school. Megan Crosland and I..and I think some other people sang a round in some program of some sort....but yeah that's really the last time.
Yeah....I'm freaking out. Good thing I found the music online and I'll be playing it...a lot. Here goes nothing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spring 2011 here I come!

I am officially registered for next semester. This is very exciting and I am very proud of this feat. I actually mean it was a feat since I got into Shakespeare....even though he's thoroughly over-rated.
So the official class list:
Word Writers (This probably means I'll be reading Tolstoy. Kill me now.)
Young Adult Literature (I bet I already own all the books that I'll need for this class.)
British Literary Histry Anglo-Saxon to 18th Century (Yup, John I come.)
Shakespeare(Alright, I'll read "The Tempest" and I could totally do "Othello" but if you make me read Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet I swear I'll kill myself.)
And here's the clincher.......drumroll please.....
American Constitutional Law. This class just sounds big important and hard. I'm secretly giddy about it! I feel so cool saying it. Come on say that and not feel cool...I dare you.
Anyways, spring semester here I come!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you Summer Finn

So as many of you know...I love 500 Days of Summer. So one of the many times I was watching the movie...and I saw her paper crane tree in the scene where Tom goes to her house for the first time.

So I've been talking about doing it for a long time, but I finally made my very own. I went to hobby lobby and bought all the supplies.
So then not only did I buy all the supplies....I demonstrated my awesome paper crane making skills. I made a lot of paper cranes until I found the size that was just right for my tree. Then I attached some cute ribbon to the cranes and they were ready to hang....but I needed to find a branch! 
Then I attached some cute ribbon to the cranes and they were ready to hang....but I needed to find a branch! 

Mark and I went and to a park and looked at branches....until I found one I actually liked. It was pretty cold...then we speed away in hopes that no tree huggers busted us for tearing apart a tree.

And there it is. The finished product. I'm so unbelievably proud of this. Thank you Summer Finn.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lie to me by John Allred

Looks like a midnight drive might save my life tonight
Because I almost gave up I've had enought of taking sides.
I'm waiting for an answer so please don't leave my side.

Can't you just lie to me and tell me that everything's alright?
Can't you just lie to me so I can make it throught the night?

Your brutal honesty will take its toll on me
because I've got a heart that's falling apart as we speak.
I'm waiting for an answer so please don't leave my side.

Can't you just lie to me and tell me that everything's alright?
Can't you just lie to me so I can make it throught the night

Because I never have you and never know the truth
Go on ahead and I'll pretend that we have never met
And I'll forget how terrrible this town was when you left.

Can't you just lie to me and tell me that everything's alright?
Can't you just lie to me so I can make it through the night.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Every single time I come home I somehow manage to get roped into teaching primary in some capacity. No joke. I'm not necessarily complaining here...because Relief Society makes me feel awfully old, but not nearly as old as primary...since the kids actually tell me I'm old.
So today I was flung into primary with at least a little bit of notice. My mother has been somewhat sick the past few days, and today was no exception. She had just told Cheryl Hoyt she would teach since Ashley just had her baby (YAY!).
My father already has a primary class of his own. I don't think he would ever say anything, but he secretly misses being part of the bishopric. So that left me to teach. So I did.
Today was Daniel and the king's food. It was a nice short lesson relating Daniel and the Word of Wisdom. The kids were bouncing of the walls, but adorably so.
In singing time....Melissa asked me to help lead the round of a song. I have no musical experience whatsoever...well that's a lie. I have some...I just hate leading. Good thing the kids had no freaking idea what the right way of leading that song looked like.
Oh and church was also worth it for this little gem from Fast and Testimony Meeting,Jackson King, you make my life:
"And I believe we all need to repent, because nobody wants to go to hell."
Dang straight kid. It may not be the best thing to say from the pulpit, but I agree with you.
And that was my Sunday.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy 100!

Yup this is it...the 100th post. I'm oh so very proud.
So today I was at the mall looking around in Tai Pan Trading for a decorative pot....I'll explain that later.
Anyways, I was looking around and this very strange girl walks up to me. I was a little confused, and she says, "Can I ask you a question?"
"Sure," I say totally unsure.
"Do you model?" she asks.
"Well....would you like to model? You're so pretty!"
I'm thinking WTF? So I try to be nice, "I don't live here. I live in Logan...which is about two hours away."
"Oh that's ok! You just have to come in for a quick audition in Salt Lake. You're just beautiful and I think you would be a good fit. Can I have your number?"
Yeah I gave her my number. I was taken so off guard. This kind of thing doesn't happen to me. Ever. I felt bad for her,  but I will be turning her down when she calls me on Monday. Still just makes me laugh and kind of weirds me out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010 that didn't seem quite right....

I've had quite the eventful day today. Since it's Thursday and I apparently needed it.
This morning I woke up, ate cereal....pretty normal. In fact, it was pretty normal until about the exact moment I lifted my shampoo filled hand to my head and said, "OW!"
There were shooting pains suddenly shooting down my neck and back. I got very dizzy at this point....and got the nice little stars shooting across my vision. My thought process was crap...if I pass out in the shower and hit my head...people might find me...and that could be awkward. So I made it my personal goal from that moment on to get some clothes on.
I did took about 25 minutes because I couldn't seem to lift my arm above my head..but I did that. I'm fairly proud of this actually, and at this point I figured I was decently prepared to seek some medical attention, albeit informal.
I didn't think it necessary to go running to the ER...but I did tell Mark of the malady(yeah I thought of Harry Potter when I wrote that word too....) and he contacted his medically inclined family. There's quite a few of them.
It was a pretty wide consensus, that though painful this was not all that uncommon. It's probably just a knot sitting close to a nerve and will eventually work itself out.
So I've been fairly drugged up all day long. Which is fine, but I do occaisionally feel weird tinglings in my right arm and some numbness which causes me to worry just little bit.
Needless to say...I didn't make it to international politics today. I did, with some help, make it to literary analysis. And by some help I mean Mark driving me to and picking me up from said class. Not that my legs don't work, but riding the shuttle usually requires holding on to a bar that is quite high for me and would hurt pretty bad to attempt at this point.
As the day wore on I felt slightly better, I even cooked well was brownies. So I'm just hoping that whatever this was is gone by tomorrow so I can resume daily activities and actually make it to class.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things I need....

Warren Miller was bad for me. I have a much longer list of things I need since watching that. It's really not healthy for me or my bank account.
1. Snow. Yup that's right. The number one thing I need is snow. Severely tempted to find somewhere enough snow to snowboard and take a roadtrip there. Any one with me?
2. A new back pack. You know so that  I can carry all the stuff I need when I go Heli-Skiing. You need a lot.
3. New gloves. My other ones are kind of hashed. It's bad news when you're shopping for gloves and getting excited.
4. A new iPod. I need some serious tunage. Most people will be very surprised by the fact I've been surviving on a 512 MB iPod shuffle since July. Have I died yet? No, but I've definitely lost part of my soul.
There's a lot of other things I could use right now. It's a good thing I have quite a bit of self control....otherwise Gringotts (yeah I named my bank account that) is seriously going to run dry.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Frenchies + Nertz + Warren Miller = EPIC

Warren Miller in and of itself denotes a tone of reverence to be used when referring to it. I suppose you could liken it to a spiritual experience, I know I'm a little sacreligious, but that is just how awesome Warren Miller is.
I didn't work that day...which was nice because I probably would have been crying on the floor about wanting to go if I had been working. So Mark and  I hung out for a little while, watching funny Youtube videos etc. and then Mark's sister and brother-in-law, Amy and Jake (remember the buttjuice?) came up to join us.
We went to Village Inn which was pretty fun, especially because we got the kiddie menus and had races to see who could complete the activities the fastest. Pretty sure Amy won every time. I was a close second on the word search though.
Jake is colorblind, so Amy keep giving him brown crayons and asking them what color they were. Then she threw in a red one and he thought it was green. It was kind of funny to watch. And we colored on the kiddie menus. Yup, four fully grown adults playing with the kiddie menus. That's the way to do it.
Then we all ordered frenchies...which is a french skillet...this is apparently Warren Miller tradition that I have now been introduced to. It would have been better without the peppers and onions (I like onion rings but not onions....go figure), but other than that I loved it. Plus I had a really fun time.
I also learned that even though you watched someone mistake the lights for the windshield wipers and made fun of them for it, doesn't mean you are immune from that same mistake. I didn't make it...but others did.
We arrived very early to the Kent Concert what do you do? Well you sit in a circle and play nertz in line. Yup, we did that. People just stood around watching was my first time playing and I sucked it up. I'm going to blame that on Mark's lack of explaining skills. I'm pretty sure he didn't tell me anything besides how to set up the cards. Then he told me to turn two of them over....when I was supposed to turn all four over. Anyways I was very confused. And Amy won...shocker.
After a good hour or so of card games, we finally got our seats and filled out our slips for the drawings. Jake has never won and he's been going to Warren Miller for about...20 years or something crazy like that. This year he won. He got a pair of socks, some headphones and a boarder kit....he's a skier. He didn't even hear what he had won he just started screaming and ran up excitedly to claim his prize. He was by far the most excited person there.
And of course the movie was awesome, I'm still having dreams about snowboarding...except for the one night I had the really weird dreams after watching the original Casino Royale. By the way that's a weird movie.
Like I said, pretty dang epic. So ready to do it all over again next year.