Thursday, July 12, 2012


So this post is about a month late...oops. I came home from vacation and literally wanted nothing more than to be back on vacation. We had a blast!
Mark and I took off Monday morning for Driggs, Idaho where I had found us a great little condo to stay at. Roadtripping with the husband is fun. Especially when you're driving through little towns in Idaho and their population is under 200. The condo we stayed at is near Grand Targhee Ski resort, which is in Alta, WY. Our condo was literally a hundred feet away from the sign that said, "Welcome to Alta." We were basically hanging  out on the state line.

On Tuesday we went into Jackson Hole and went shopping at all the fun little places. And of course we took pictures at the Arches!
Wednesday we decided to go up Teton Canyon  and hike the Tabletop Mountain trail. It was seriously gorgeous up that trail. Lots of wildflower meadows and views of the mountains. There were also these funky caterpillar cocoon things all over the place. They looked more like spider webs to me.  Then we went to go find this bridge over a place called Bitch Creek. No joke. Well after driving around Tetonia and Ashton for the better part of an hour on dirt roads...we didn't find it. But it was still an adventure.

Thursday we were supposed to go on our river rafting trip....but Mark decided to get sick instead. The raft company was nice enough to move our trip to Friday instead, and we got to spend the whole day in the condo while Mark puked his guts out. Fun times.
I think Friday was by far my favorite day of the vacation. We woke up pretty early and headed to Teton Village where we rode the tram up to the summit of Jackson Hole Resort. We hiked around up there and had waffles and  hot cocoa (it was cold!). The views were amazing! Then we went and hung out a little more in Jackson Hole right before we took off on our raft trip down the snake river. (Pictures still pending...we haven't felt the need to drop $30 bucks on them yet).

All in all this was a pretty rocking vacation. June is the time to go, peak flow on the Snake River, and great deals on summer rentals.