Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's been awhile....

Oh hey! It's know,  remember the blonde teacher that hasn't frequented this space of the internet in about six months? Well it's summer, and in my never ending amount of free time, I promised myself that I would blog at least a few times. So life as of late: (we're doing this bullet list style because I'm lazy)

  • I finished my first year of teaching! It was wonderful, very hard, but also kind of awesome. Teaching is my calling you guys, I just love every second of it. I'm really excited for the opportunity to love every second of it again this fall at MCHS. So I guess I don't suck at this teaching thing. 
  • Mark is currently in school ALL THE TIME, I kid, but it's only been a week and I'm hankering for the days when we had the same schedule but I don't mind not working. Anyways, Mark is quite the accountant and is studying for the GMAT as we speak so he can start USU's Master of Accounting program in January. It's only a three semester program so he will finish up in December 2015 and I'm way excited. At that point we will just have to see where he gets an awesome job (cross your fingers for Cache Valley).
  • I have quite literally done nothing productive this week, and it has been wonderful. I have worked out so if that counts as productive that's great. 
  • I apparently suck at applying sunscreen. Yesterday, I laid out by the pool and managed to get burnt in one small line down my left arm and leg, the left side of my nose, and my right collarbone. Spray on sunscreen pro over here.
I feel a little bit like I should have more to say about life, but the truth is that life is just pretty dang good right now and I'm thoroughly every aspect of life.

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